Love is Not a List Podcast

The Love is Not a List Podcast with Gillian McCallum charted within the top 50 Relationship podcasts on launch.  

Each Friday, Gillian and her global expert guests meet in order to discuss all things life, taking an alternative look at everything from the intricacies of modern dating and relationships to the deep bonds of family life and parenting, unveiling the ingredients that make life better, brighter, and more fulfilling today. 

Series One

In the first series, Gillian met with a number of internationally renowned luminaries, including top pollster Joe Twyman of Deltapoll, fertility expert Dr. Marie Wren, relationships and infidelity expert Lucy Beresford, Dr. Kate Devlin expert on AI and sex robots.

Covering illicit affairs, ethical non-monogamy, the UK’s largest survey of sexual proclivities, how men can find love when dating online, how to spot a narcissist and what to do about it, and whether or not we will all be having sex with robots in the coming decades..

Each episode not only features each expert imparting their wisdom, but Gillian’s friend Brenda makes an appearance by contributing to the discussion with her True or False Quick Fire Round. With each interview rounded off with her guest’s best piece of Life Advice. 

Each episode in the series can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Youtube

The Love is Not a List Podcast transcripts for each episode are published each Friday and can be found by clicking the links below.